Science Magazine Video: Searching for evidence that the earliest Native Americans were seafarers

See where archaeologists are finding solid evidence of villages occupied by early coastal peoples

The belief that the ancestors of all Native Americans crossed the Bering Land Bridge has now been debunked. When the land bridge existed, an ice cap up to two miles thick blocked passage into the rest of North America. The earliest inhabitants of Amazonia and the southern tip of South America were Australoids, related to the indigenous people of Australia. So far, the oldest DNA samples obtained in Florida have all been a Eurasian people similar to the Sami of Lapland. Mexico’s oldest DNA samples were Proto-Polynesians from Southeast Asia. My family’s Uchee-Creek heritage includes significant Polynesian DNA markers, similar to those of the Maori.

Part Nine of the Mesolithic Period in Eastern North America


  1. Yes, I agree about sailing to the Americas, but more went west across the Pacific than east. Polynesians are proved by Hyderdahl to be American Indian and blacks moving from Asia. Mochis are common along the west coast from Nazca area in South America to possibly California. They were sailors and traders. They may have been responsible for bringing chickens to the Americas.

    Family history states we walked from the last world to this through ice caves and ice canyons. Where the ice ended, the family walked south along the mountains. The old ones hunted mammoth, and would have followed them here. wooly tapir and far more than I can think of came east, as well. The original wooly tapir from the ice ages still lives in the Andes. Horses are from the Americas, as are camelids, who were heading west. niio


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