ET call home! Alien Morse Code to another galaxy?

LIDAR is discovering massive earthworks all over the Nacoochee Valley! These abstract symbols are are across Highway 75 from Nora’s Mill and the Chattahoochee River as one enters Helen, GA. At ground level they merely look like steep 85 feet (26 m) hills with dense foliage.

What I can show readers now are views of the preliminary CADD three-dimensional model of the Upper Chattahoochee River Basin. It will soon be loaded into an Arlantis virtual reality software from France, which will make it astonishingly realistic and animated.

My legs are finally healing up from being literally fried by ground lightning 2 1/2 years ago. They were purple for several months and the skin peeled off. The electric shock did terrible damage to my joints, tendons and muscles. So by late winter, I will be able to check out other mysterious structures in more remote locations. I will be sharing photos, videos and architectural drawings of future discoveries on this website.

Helen, Georgia in the Nacoochee Valley

In March 2013 a team of scientists from Canada, Latin America and Europe came to the Nacoochee Valley to film a PBS TV documentary on the movement of cultivated plants and people across the Americas. I was the only professional from the United States in the program, because Georgia archaeologists refused to participate.

All of the Canadian and Latin American anthropology professors were convinced that waves of peoples from southern Mexico settled in the Nacoochee Valley from the late 500s AD to around 1250 AD (maybe later) . . . mixed their cultures with earlier settlers . . . and then introduced plants, cultivated from their homelands to North America’s indigenous peoples. Peruvians first arrived around 100 AD, mixed with indigenous Uchee peoples then introduced the so-called Swift Creek pottery style, plus many Creek traditions such as the Stomp Dance, drinking Yaupon Tea, wearing turbens and the weaving of brightly colored fabrics. Even today, the traditional indigenous clothing of eastern Peru is quite similar to that worn by the Florida Seminoles!

The scientists were startled to discover a very strong vortex in gravitational waves near the Sky Serpent, Kenimer Mound, Nacoochee Mound and these strange earthen forms. I told them that the Creeks had a tradition that once upon a time, humanoid extraterrestrials had constructed a stargate somewhere in this section of the valley. A geologist suspected that there was a stratum of pure gold over the bedrock. This location was where the first major gold rush in the United States began in 1828. Georgia has the purest gold in the world. It comes in three flavors . . . yellow, red and white.

Back to the future!

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  1. Hello I just found your site here and I cant stop reading. Sorry to hear about your legs and gosh you have to know how lucky you are.

    I spend Hours a day scouring the mountains of SC with the usgs lidar site. My teen boys are eager to pursue adventures uncovering the ancient past of SC. The highly frowned upon evidence that shows proof of neolithic age Europeans being here. I think I am saying that right.
    I have a few things I’ve recently explored near the talley valley area of Cleveland SC that have left me puzzled. Id love to be able to chat more about how I can be more involved boots on ground. I feel like a burning thirst for this knowledge, so please help me. Lol.

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