Video: Ancient Builders of the Amazon

This is a very important documentary for all those, who are interested in the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas . . . just released onto Youtube by PBS. Most Creek, Choctaw, Chickasaw and Alabama core cultural traditions originated in the Upper Amazon Basin. These include Swift Creek & Napier style pottery, traditional clothing, turbans, stomp dance and Sacred Black Drink. The Creek word for Yaupon Tea (Sacred Black Drink) is the same as the Panoan word in eastern Peru . . . ase’

Apalache and Appalachian (Mountains) are derived from Panoan words . . . A – Para’ – shi . . . meaning “From Upper Amazon Basin – Descendants of.” Para’ is also a large province in western Brazil.

The 1565 Jacque Le Moyne Map of Floride Française, based on the explorations of Lt. La Roche Ferrier, shows a town on the Chattahoochee River near Atlanta, name Aparu, which means “From Peru” in Panoan.

The oldest known Hopewell-style artifacts were found at a town site at the confluence of the Apalachicola and Cipola Rivers in the Florida Panhandle. That should come as no surprise as you are about to see geometric earthworks in wester Brazil that are identical to those in eastern Ohio!


  1. Comment from Lucy Guevara . . . This is very interesting and incredible. Thank you for sharing it! I am writing my comment to you so you can post it for me since the website isn’t allowing me to leave a comment. Lol. The Creek Chokopa looks identical to our Taino Bohío. Which were circular and as the one pictured above. The “Caneys/ Kanei” were rectangular and housed the Kasike or used for ceremonial purposes.

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  2. I was able to post this now. I like many have heard in the past that there was no advance civilizations in the Amazons but seeing the things they built proves otherwise. It is incredible to see the scans that were taken with the lidar and what these people built. They also found a way to consume manioc/ Yucca by extracting the poison out.

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