Meet some of my neighbors! . . . until this past week

Score one for decent, law-abiding middle class citizens . . . as a drug-running Neo-Nazi gang is busted. They were selling meth and running military weapons to North Carolina to fund a planned civil war against the Federal government.

A month ago, one Saturday, those guns in the background were fired around my house from 12 noon to 12 midnight. In September 2021, some black-clad hooligans opened the rear door of my house with a key, while I was being interviewed by a Los Angeles radio talk show. Since March 2022, certain neighbors have been trying to kill or steal my two dogs, so they wouldn’t bark the next time someone broke into the house at night.

The first notice that something big was happening occurred 10 days ago. I was returning from buying shrubbery at a Rabun County, GA nursery, when a DEA agent signaled me to pull off the side of the road then meet her inside a produce market. She told me (1) to be very vigilant (2) to not go wandering around in the woods or near other houses and (3) not do anything to make criminals think that I was “spying” on them. That’s all she said, but it was sufficient for me to heed her instructions. Never in my life had someone in the US Drug Enforcement Agency made direct contact with me. I only cooperated with the FBI and US Justice Department in Asheville, NC and the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

A US Marshall did come on my farm in Virginia, when a group of Virginia State Police officers were about to murder me on August 27, 1992. Later that year, the honest Sheriff’s deputy sergeant, who was my main contact, was murdered . . . then on the night of December 12, 1992, the chief US Justice Dept. counter-insurgency officer in the Shenandoah Valley was murdered, about a mile from my farm. Four other times rifle bullets were fired at me, but they missed my head. You can understand why I wanted to stay out of this battle in Georgia!

In Virginia, I had transported evidence, maps and photos from honest law enforcement officers in the Shenandoah Valley to Susan, a covert FBI agent, who then carried them to an FBI agent in Manassas, VA, who then carried them to the FBI headquarters in Downtown Washington, DC. Some very wealthy men plus a drug transportation operation from Florida to Georgia to Virginia, had funded the training of a guerilla army that planned to kill many people in Washington, DC with a biotoxin then capture the National Capitol.

After the new US District Attorney in Knoxville, appointed by George Bush, fired the Asst. DA responsible for protecting federal witnesses, most of the witnesses in the Georgetown Hearings were murdered. A couple from Sao Paolo, Brazil, who had murdered a couple in Knoxville, were then sent to kill me, but I attacked them instead. The federal witness protection program has many vulnerabilities.

As a result, I don’t know the details of what is now going on in this region to thwart the planned insurrection and really don’t want to know. What I do know is that in the summer of 2021, I was clearing dense vegetation from the northeast corner of my property, when a Georgia Bureau of Investigation agent from their Jackson County office pulled over to the side of our subdivision road and began talking on a cell phone. He didn’t see me. I was astonished to hear him giving directions to someone as to the best way to break into my house at night. The door that he recommended was the one used at midnight in September.

The next day, I borrowed a friend’s cell phone to call the FBI regional office in Lawrenceville, GA . . . but the person, who took the call treated me like a nutcase. THEN . . . thousands of people around the nation heard the mayhem live on their radios and streaming computers as assassins came into the rear of my house with a key. Guess some folks took me serious at that point . . . none too soon!

And I thought that all those X-files days in Virginia were long behind me, when I moved to the Nacoochee Valley in 2018.


  1. I was one of those listening to your radio broadcast that night. So anyone reading this blog that thinks this is a little fantastic and embellishing on R’s part think again. I have been at the scene described and can assure you the folks pictured above have motivation to suppress individuals such as R. Lets keep our focus on prayer and guidance by our creator to keep evil at bay. This evil will not stop but it can be contained with our well guided spiritual thought and actions. Our ancestors are watching. We are called to discover their greatness. The Americas revealed is the pursuit of the truth which shall set us free. Rock on R. I’m with you.

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  2. Thank you for affirming my description of the situation during the radio talk show. What happened is that one of them kicked a gravel underneath the kitchen door. So, they got through the back door with a key, but panicked, when they could not go up the stairs quickly.

    I didn’t not realize that anybody in Georgia was listening to the radio broadcast – since it was so late in the evening. The calls into the federal law enforcement came from people listening out west – mostly in California.
    The good news is that you will probably be able to minister to their spiritual needs. They probably will be sent to the state prison in Blairsville, unless charged by Homeland Security for sedition and interstate drug transmission. My understanding is that there will be more arrests.

    Meanwhile, over 200 black-clad Neo-Nazi motorcyclists came through this county in a convoy yesterday to protest the arrests of their brothers. They intentionally stopped traffic along the way.


    1. I don’t know – he said that he had to get back to Jefferson. I thought that alone was odd, since our regional GBI office is in Cleveland, GA . He was driving an unmarked white pickup with a state decal on the rear bumper. I have seen those white pickups from time to time parked at the sheriff’s office. I have also been tailed by those white pickups from time to time – the first time when some friends and I went hiking at Sandy Creek Park on the county line between Jackson and Clarke Counties. . There are one or more detectives at the sheriff’s department, who name me a suspect in every major crime. I have no criminal record and a perfect driving record. I have nothing to hide about anything in my life.


      1. I was with the GBI from 1980 to 1987 when I went with the US Treasury. I still have contacts with the GBI. I cannot imagine why they’d be surveiling you. They have much more serious business to investigate with solid leads instead of going on an unproductive fishing expedition. Further, the GBI doesn’t advertise their units with State of Georgia decals. I’ll reach out to determine if you’re actually of interest to law enforcement.

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  3. The GBI has been harassing me since September of 2000. At the time I was on the Federal witness protection program from an investigation in Virginia, which resulted in the abolishment of the VBI. I played a major role in the Feds busting the number three man in the VBI. In the summer of 2000, right after I moved to Jasper, GA several acquaintances and strangers told me that “I would have no money, friends, girlfriends or wife unless I switched from the Democratic to the Republican Party.” In September, a woman in Cartersville, where I formally lived, was visited by a GBI agent – who told her that I was a child molester and suspected serial killer – so she shouldn’t date me. She had known me from my church in Cartersville so knew that he was lying. She pointed out the man in the restaurant in Cartersville, who had visited her. He was with two law enforcement officers from Jasper. GBI agents and State Patrol upper tier officers also threatened my architectural clients. This crap went on for the next nine years. In one case, I was at a restaurant in Buckhead with a female neurologist. Two state highway patrolmen stood, grinning at us, at the edge of the table until she became un-nerved and asked that I take her home. It would take several pages to list all the political crimes committed against me by state and local law enforcement, here in Georgia. One more thing – a swarm of GBI agents with drawn Glock pistols were following me around the Jasper Ingles Supermarket at the same time that the kidnapper of Meredith Emerson was driving her around Jasper. I had no connection with her and was in my home 50 miles away, when she was kidnapped . . . yet state law enforcement immediately set up a “command center” near my house, when she went missing. Gary Hilton even drove past the Ingles supermarket with her as a GBI agent from Carrollton was pointing a gun at me in a aisle at the Jasper Ingles. Meredith’s blood is on their hands, because of them putting rightwing political agenda above their sacred oaths.

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