Delusional articles in “The Americas Revealed” will cause second attack on Capitol!

by Alan M. Hall, Free Lance Writer


Education: Mr. Hall holds a B.S. Degree in Fine Arts (Ceramic and Industrial Arts) from Berry College in Rome, GA. Past Employment: Resident Potter, Goshen Valley Dirtworks, Batesville, GA – 1980–1988 . . . President, Alan Hall Contracting – 1980–2004 – Clarkesville, GA USA . . . Artisan baker – Habersham Bakers – 2004-2006 . . . Senior Research Analyst – Oct 2006 – Present . . . Freelance Writer – April 2019 – Present

I received this comment to an article about petroglyphs near the Amicalola River and archaeological sites in walking distance of my house, late in the afternoon of January 29, 2021. Recognizing that the author provided extensive biographic material, establishing his position of ultimate authority on the matter, I thought it was important that the readers be given access to it as soon as possible, so you will no longer be deceived by my faded, 50 year old color slides of Mexican archaeological sites or the much clearer slides of my former farm in Virginia.

The images that Mr. Hall claims are fraudulent were given to me by a Choctaw friend, who is a professional archaeologist and who retired several years ago from the US Forest Service. He formerly worked in the Chattahoochee National Forest. All images were labeled “Amicalola Rock Shelter – Dawson County, GA.” I have not been to the site, but I certainly had permission to use the images. The archaeologist stated that the mouth of the rock shelter was not visible beyond 100 feet.

All of the land around the Alec Mountain Stone Oval is privately owned. If I come to a fence line that says “no trespassing” I don’t cross it, without written permission of the owner. Why Mr. Hall thought that article had anything to do with the US Forest Service, I don’t know. Whatever the case, you now have contact information so that you can get a fact check on any article in this website from a bonified expert. The article on the Amicalola petroglyphs may be accessed at:

Petroglyphs: Amicalola Rock Shelter

“The Amicalola Rock Shelter is located in the rugged mountains immediately west of Amicalola Creek and northwest of Amicalola Falls.”

This is fiction. The only Google search result you will get for “Amicalola Rock Shelter” is this blog post. The top left photo is actually of the Fox Trap Shelter in NW Alabama.

Besides his use of other people’s photos without permission or credit, one big red flag is that Thornton frequently presents himself as a lone hero opposing a conspiracy of archaeologists, Forest Service employees and various other groups who want to keep his “discoveries” secret. As all good conspiracy theorists do, he usually includes a few facts amidst his speculations. For example, his “Alec Mountain Archaeological Zone” map at the following link contains 24 unfounded speculations and precisely one fact, the stone circle, which is located in the wrong place on his map.

Under the map he wrote, “The archaeological zone probably extends to the south, but we were not allowed in there.” One might dismiss falsehoods and implied conspiracies as harmless entertainment, but such delusions can lead to dangerous consequences, as we saw at the US Capitol on January 6.


  1. There’s an old adage about, “if you have something to say, say it, don’t spray it.” Unfortunately, Mr. Hall is a sprayer and is more or less what’s wrong with our country. Like Chucky Schumer comparing Jan 6 to “Pearl Harbor,” it is equally absurd to equate the blog and works of Mr. Thornton as somehow connected or relative to violence perpetuated by paid agitators. Or that it would ever inspire it. As to the rest of Mr. Hall’s comments, they’re hardly worth dignifiying or giving air time to really. Its also getting old to keep hearing the easy fear grab of “conspiracy theorist” as an automatic demotion of character. Mr. Thornton has a track record that speaks for itself and the blog just about as transparent or obvious really. The beauty of free speech (scary topic to the Mr. Hall’s of the world), is that it permits us to share information freely and to assess it for ourselves. And Mr. Hall has the right to come at him with is free speech of course and we see Thornton responding genuinely per the pointed criticism and with no malice. All the same, I’ve never come away from Thornton’s blog posts or books with the impression he’s doing much more than talking about his life experiences, what he knows to the best of his ability and in a fairly forthright and pretty plain manner. For a person of common sense, it has an implied subtext of such things without Mr Thornton needing to blatantly state, “Hey everything I say isn’t 100% The Truth but the truth as I understand it. And oh by the way, don’t go and burn down a museum or something just because I clash with academic thoughts of 1832 and 1972 now and then.” The most violent thing Richard Thornton is doing is giving us ammo to think with and I’m ever grateful for the extra informations as such.

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  2. Howdy, my blood is boiling, oicked uo a book I thought was about Florida MOUNDS. Fellow bashes Miamini as he calls them; going to great links to push Calusa (culture), Poverty Point as the BEGINNING! One item did catch my eye KOALIN CLAY deposits in Western Florida panhandle; completely ignoring Swift Creek Pottery!

    On Fri, Jan 29, 2021 at 6:50 PM The Americas Revealed wrote:

    > alekmountain posted: ” by Alan M. Hall, Free Lance Writer Email: > Education: Mr. Hall holds a B.S. Degree in Fine > Arts (Ceramic and Industrial Arts) from Berry College in Rome, GA. Past > Employment: Resident Potter, Goshen Valley Dirtworks, Bate” >

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  3. Richard, whenever you step on some toes someone will holler at you? You have stepped on some toes. But I like reading your articles on ancient history thanks again for you articles. Someone doesn’t like their Euro history being researched as it’s clear someone must have known about this landmass long before agreed to time by the University system. For example: who made stone tools in Mexico before 220,000 years ago? Not the Cro-Magnon. The Cro-Magnon might have built the city in the water by Cuba but they did not exist 220,000 years ago. WE must have been visited by ET’s who must have altered some DNA code of primates for their Earth work projects. And the ET’s are still here. As a man sang in NY city: “to the neon God’s they made”.

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  4. This was actually a political thing. Local deputies have been monitoring my communications and going into my computer for almost three years without finding a crime they could charge me with. Since I am not a member of the Party, they can’t imagine me visiting all those archaeological sites around the Americas prior to 2012. What they expected me to do was respond with slanderous descriptions of the writer. Instead, I just put in exactly what he wrote me.

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  5. I need to know who these local duputies are. They need exposure so the public can judge the Sherriff come next vote. Of course voting in GA has been compromised so….. oh well we no longer vote.

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  6. It’s impossible to get names. They are behaving like preadolescents and taking advantage of a law pushed through by Georgia Republicans which makes it legal for law enforcement to lie anywhere except while under oath in a courtroom. I have already checked on that. The trouble is that if a Neo-Nazi cop consistently tells lies outside of a courtroom, how do you know when he or she is telling the truth inside the courtroom?


  7. Richard– Here’s more on Mr. Hall from his LinkedIn page:
    “…in 2004, just before the peak of the housing bubble, and I began writing for the Socionomics Institute in 2006. It’s been a great ride with much freedom and fulfillment, and many nice surprises along the way. For example, I will present at the Inter-Agency Health Leaders Roundtable on December 13-15, 2015, in Washington, D.C. The event, hosted by the U.S. Department of Defense and National Defense University, invites leaders from the military, DoD, United Nations, International Monetary Fund and other groups to address military planners on the subject of global health.

    As for the Socionomics Institute, from their About page:
    “Socionomics is the science of history and social prediction. It is a field of study encompassing the origins and effects of an endogenous human social dynamic called the Wave Principle, a specific sequence of progress and regress that regulates the complex system of collective mood and social interaction. It examines and forecasts market and social trends on this basis: that the character of social, political, cultural, financial and economic trends are the product of collective human psychology, which is based upon an unconscious herding impulse deriving from pre-rational portions of the brain.”

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    1. As you obviously know, It is one thing to make anonymous, pejorative comments at the bottom of an article on the internet. It is another thing to put your name on that article or appear on a TV program. Because of the internet and Youtube, people will be able to fact-check your statements for eternity. For example, Scott Wolter, the host of America Unearthed, made a terrible mistake in claiming to have a Masters Degree in Geology and to have received several academic awards in geology. It was those fibs that caused the History Channel to drop his series . . . even though it had been quite successful. Mr. Hall may have attended the Future Health Leaders Conference on December 13-15, 2015, but that event’s website still has not been removed from the internet. There is no mention of him being one of the speakers or of the Socionomics Institute. At the end of the Socioeconomics Institute website is a series of promotions, which makes it sound like a wannabe Scientology entity. One is told that one may improve one’s life by buying audio tapes or a $1000+ series of paperback books from the website.

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      1. I request that Mr. Hall address the following:
        I don’t see any evidence offered for Mr. Hall’s claim that Richard located the stone circle in the wrong place on his map. Further, for what Hall claims to be “24 unfounded speculations” made by Richard, Hall not only does he not offer evidence, he doesn’t even tell us what he thinks these speculations are. Ad hominem attacks comprise the rest of his comment. If he wants to contradict Richard’s accounting of events of his life in his recent French Courtesan series of posts for example, then Hall needs to dispute actual statements and evidence. Hall tossing around the phrase “conspiracy theory” like he knows what he’s talking about is laughable in this circumstance. If Hall thinks he can prove that there have not been numerous threats and actual attempts on Richard’s life along with a number of people involved with law enforcement etc. not convicted in part due to Richard’s work with the FBI, then Mr. Hall needs to present his evidence. Until then, I’m inclined to trust the person’s whose life is under discussion rather than some commenter who shows up out of nowhere with what appears to be an attempt at a hit job on someone else’s professional reputation.


  8. Actually, I left out a lot of unpleasant stuff in the French Courtesan series. It started out as my explanation to Vivi . . . someone I dearly loved . . . why I suddenly disappeared and broke her heart. Then I decided to continue a little further to explain how I got involved with the Native American history career . . . literally, finding a rental townhouse near Etowah Mounds which I could both afford and do architectural work out of one of the three bedrooms. I started taking walks to Etowah Mounds then buying archaeology books from its bookstore.


    1. I can see how you’d hike at Etowah Mounds, besides the mounds and fields there’s that great riverfront.

      As for the additional “unpleasant stuff”, I only cited your French Courtesan series because it contained enough incidents to prove my point and didn’t require a lot of searching as you had posted it so recently. And I added “for example” to allude that there were even more incidents than those in the series.

      A question about this history as I don’t remember all of it— is the boobytrapped bicycle tube the first of the clandestine attempts to harm you?


      1. That’s the first one I remembered, when separated and thinking back through my marriage. My wife pressured me to get $250,000 in life insurance then a few months later only gave me a bicycle tube for my birthday . . . which promptly exploded when I was peddling on the state highway. During the last three years that I was in Virginia, there was a lot more violence, murders and occult weirdness than I discussed in the series, published in The Americas Revealed. I was shot at several times. Twice a bullet went just in front of my nose while I was driving. Throughout the marriage, my wife liked to take walks at sunset through the pastures. I didn’t think much about it, until one time I happened to be nearby, but she didn’t see me. She faced diametrically opposite the setting sun, fell to her knees and bowed down . . . then went into a trance. I could not awake her. Her psychologist said that was incubus – worshiping the darkness and having coitus with a demon. The psychologist also suspected that incubus was the reason that she didn’t want me to sleep with her. During the last four years of the marriage, it was quite common for her to sleepwalk during the night and speak creepy languages that I could not understand. You get the gist. I just did have space to describe everything that happened.


      2. Your pseudo-wife going into a trance while kneeling to opposite of the setting sun is a very interesting detail. It fits in with the many references to cults of that sort in your history. What chapter of the French Courtesan saga was the times of the vibration creating the hum in the wall which had a similar effect?


  9. Could you re-ask me that question as a Contact the Author question? That would enable me to respond to your questions in private emails. These comments are visible to the public. I got to thinking that I really should not have mentioned some things in the public commentary already. There is much, much more to the story than I put in the French Courtesan. As I said earlier, I originally started the French Courtesan, because Vivi did not give me any email contact information in her first letter, but she is a subscriber to the Americas Revealed. So the story was originally an acknowledgement of the love we had for each other and an explanation of my inability to contact her.

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