Radio Talk Show: Amazing facts about Georgia’s Native Americans

Trivia: Near the end of the program, you will hear a loud sound like someone trying to knock the back door in. The dogs then started barking furiously. I joke and say that it is either a herd of deer or prowlers. It turned out not to be a joke. Someone or some people did try to break into the house right at the end of the show. They had a key for the lock, but I had the door jammed from the inside. Actually, I had a loaded assault rifle with a 30 round banana clip, siting beside me . . . so it was not a very smart move on their part. Viva Zapata!

Here is the URL for the two hour program.


  1. Hey Richard. I enjoy all your videos/ info. This one made me want to strangle the host/ interviewer. Was he unprepared, nervous, or what? Going to listen to the other hour tomorrow but, damn, it’s difficult. I value your info that much that I will endure him for another hour. Through the first hour you’re saving him but damn it’s embarrassing. Also, change your locks and add clips, a handgun and a pair of bear claws for close work.

    Regards, Mau

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  2. Richard Please please I need to talk with you I need your approvals on about to be published issues concerning you. 724-787-1317 DOn McMahon ________________________________


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